Friday, 2 September 2011

Six appeal

After yesterday's boat inspired and wooden Hustler 6 I began to wonder what other Mini derivatives were ever equiped with six wheels, and took a deep dive into the archives. The result even surprised myself as I came up with no less than 9 Mini based six-wheelers that I had amassed over the years, just about all of them Mini Moke type of vehicles. I am sure the Hustler must have been the most successful of them all as I have seen quite a few, but it clearly wasn't on its own. The full list, in alphabetical order, below.
But perhaps you know of more such contraptions?

- AEM Comanchero Six - a 6-wheel version of the AEM Scout, it has to be rare
- Andersen Cub 6 - and a 6-wheel version of the Anderson Cub, pretty rare too, I reckon
- Hrubon Schmitt 6 - oh yes, a 6-wheel version of the ultra short Hrubon Schmitt, just a prototype?
- Hustler 6 - the well-known 6-wheeler Hustler version of the late great William Towns
- MDV Six - the brochure of this van shows a 6-wheeler, but did that ever reach production?
- Scamp 6 - you guessed it: a Scamp 6-wheeler, several were made as far as I know
SHADO Jeep - two were built for the movie and television screen, at least one survives (see here)
- Stimson Midi Bug - This could have been the Safari Six prototype says Stimson fan Paul Wylde (here)
- Stimson Safari Six - Definitely one of the more quirkier of Mini derivatives, several were made

Rare Comanchero Six by Automotive Engineering & Manufacturing

The Andersen Cub '6', who ever saw one of these in the flesh?
Brochure picture courtesy Wayne Morris

The thing about the Hrubon Schmitt was its length, but a six-wheeler? 

William Towns' Hustler 6 surely was the most popular of them all

The MDV (Multi Developments Vehicles) Six as shown in brochure

Robert Mandry's Scamp was available as a six-wheeler, too

This is one of the 'SHADO Jeeps' as it was used to advertise a garage
Picture courtesy

Barry Stimson's Midi Bug is said to have been a one-off prototype
Picture courtesy Car & Car Conversions

And the Stimson Safari Six, a very sunny vehicle indeed
Picture: Jeroen Booij


  1. Jeroen,

    I know another Stimson safari six in belgium.. for info


  2. My father owned a 6 wheel mini moke back in the mid 80's & sold it in the early 1990's