Monday, 28 January 2019

TiCi on BBC footage

The BBC continues to post little movie clips from their archives. And this time it's the TiCi that made an appearance on a program called 'Record Breakers'. The BBC added: "You might look a bit silly driving it, but imagine the parking savings!"
Reader and former TiCi owner Paul Wylde adds: "Looks like for the show this one may have had a electric motor as can't see or hear the engine." That's a good one. I only know that 'GAY 73L' was used for promotional purposes and driven around London by Stirling Moss, while it was owned until not too long ago by my good friend Ian Mitcheson. It certainly was Mini powered when Ian had it.

The TiCi on 'Record Breakers' in the BBC studios in 1973
Video BBC Archives

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