Monday 20 April 2020

Swedish Cox GTM now found, too

A few Mini derivatives that were thought to have gone lost have been unearthed in Sweden in the last few years. The Holmbarth / Automec Special in the first place (a number of articles here), and I think this Ogle SX1000 can now be pinned down to the US also (click).

But the Swedes also had a yellow Cox GTM raced by Dagobert Swensson in the 1960s (more here) - I had a feeling that car had to survive, too, and kept on chasing pictorial evidence of its survival, which finally came in some time ago from the car's current owner Magnus Larsson. I understand the car is in a very original condition with Magnus taking it out every now and then.

Swedish Cox GTM is an early car and was raced since it was new in Sweden
Picture courtesy Magnus Larsson

Basic interior fits this racer very well. It was driven by Dagobert Swensson in the 1960s
Picture courtesy Magnus Larsson

One or two things may have been modernized here but overall the car is said to be very original
Picture courtesy Magnus Larsson

The car's signature yellow / black paint scheme remains untouched. But filler hole is now filled
Picture courtesy Magnus Larsson

1293cc power. Side air intakes have always been on the car. GB decal may have been, too?
Picture courtesy Magnus Larsson

Challenging the big boys in 1967 - Ferrari and Elwa-Buick at the Bengtsfors Ring
Picture Jeroen Booij archive

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