Monday, 25 July 2016

What happened to this modified Mini Bug?

This unusual Stimson Mini Bug was snapped by Rolf Roozeboom in 1999, or as he says 'the pre-digital era'. Fortunately he was kind enough to scan the images for us lot. Verifying the registration number indicates it was built around 1964 Riley Elf mechanicals which is on SORN. Who knows more about it?

Low front, raked screen and Targa roof are a unique modification but suit the car remarkably well
Picture courtesy Rolf Roozeboom

In order to have something of a rear view the back has been given a screen into the bodywork 
Picture courtesy Rolf Roozeboom

Friday, 15 July 2016

DART at Chateau Impney

These photographs of the DART were taken last weekend at the Chateau Impney hill climb in Droitwich, where it was entered in the production saloon cars class! Last year saw the revival of the event with some 200 competitors to take the course over the two day event. The photos are kindly provided by Armando Loni. Thanks mate!

Thursday, 14 July 2016

The many faces of António Batista's Mini Marcos

Yesterday's story of a Portugese Mini Marcos led to a whole string of photographs of the Mini Marcos, driven by António Batista in the 1970s and 1980s. The power of the internet!

Francisco Costa had already found a beautiful old photograph of the car raced at Vila Real; Neil Kilbane sourced another from a 1981 magazine and Francisco translated the Spanish caption that came with it: 'António Batista was the main entertainer in an uninteresting race'.

Cristian Sanmartin Castro dug deeper and got in touch with Hugo Batista, son of the racer himself, who provided him with more exiting photographs of the car in different guises. Hugo also told him the car will soon return to competition! We're are eagerly awaiting that now. Thanks very much gentlemen!

The António Batista Mini Marcos in its early life. The body has not been altered too much
Picture courtesy Hugo Batista, thanks Cristian Sanmartin Castro

Next step: wider arches, dramatic front and rear spoilers and big fresh air openings
Picture courtesy Hugo Batista, thanks Cristian Sanmartin Castro

Vila Real 1981, when 'António Batista was the main entertainer in an uninteresting race'.
Picture thanks Neil Kilbane

Francesco Costa's shot. Note that the headlights have now been removed from the bonnet
Picture via Francisco Costa

Even wider and even wilder and now in orange. Originally this is a Mini Marcos Mk3
Picture courtesy Hugo Batista, thanks Cristian Sanmartin Castro

And this is the latest picture of it. According to Hugo Batista the car will soon return to competition
Picture courtesy Mini Marcos Owners Club

Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Portugese Marcos with a difference

Reader Alex Coreira sent in some Mini Marcos shots from his native Portugal and supposedly taken at Vila Real in the 1980s where it was raced by a Antonio Batista. Like the famous TransXL Mini Marcos as well as the American Granny Smith Racing Marcos, this one also has a much altered and streamlined body but still it's a racing car unlike any others. Who knows more about it?

Ultra low nose and ultra fat and integrated wheel arches. It's a Marcos unlike any other
Picture via Alex Coreira

Same car, different colour scheme. Supposedly raced by Antonio Batista at Vila Real
Picture via Alex Coreira

And in anger, too, or so it seems, giving the racing Minis a hard time
Picture via Alex Coreira

Update 13 July: Francisco Costa is very quick with a reaction, including the photograph below. He writes: "I have some more pictures, but I don't know much more about the car. I do know some old folk in Vila Real that may know, but only when I get back there can I ask (I used to study there and fell in love with the circuit and all it's story. This picture is Vila Real, early seventies I think. In your second picture I can't recognize as Vila Real, looks more like Vila do Conde (another portuguese circuit raced at the time). The third also looks more like Vila do Conde, but I may be wrong."

Picture courtesy Francisco Costa

Monday, 11 July 2016

The Sandringham 6 Mini again

Last Thursday's story on the Sandringham 6 Mini remains shrouded in mystery. One reader suggested the car's registration may well be DD1 as as in 'Dunlop Denovo' with the car acting as a promotion vehicle for the tyre manufacturer (it is fitted with Dunlop Denovo wheels…) and that certainly was a clever suggestion, but a brief video fragment shows it's definitely OD1. The fragment again comes from Gary Buesnel and he found another image of it in one of his scrap books, too, now showing the side of the car with a lady in the back. There has to be more information about this unusual conversion. Who will be first?

Still from film fragment shows the car's front. Registration is OD1 rather then DD1
Picture through Gary Buesnel

And now we have a view on the side of the chauffeur driven 6-wheeler, too
Picture through Gary Buesnel

Very briefly it may be, but this video does show the thing on the move
Video courtesy Gary Buesnel

Thursday, 7 July 2016

Where is the Sandringham 6 Mini?

It's good to have a pair of eyes and ears in every possible corner of the UK, and Gary Buesnel has been my help on the island of Jersey for some years now. When he read Maximum Mini 3 recently he wrote to me again as he was surprised not to find a mystery car in it that he is intrigued about for decades now. It's a six-wheeler which was supposedly built for the chairman of the Sandringham Motor Company, which were based in Neath by the time it was built. The car was advertised in the Jersey Evening Post at around 1980, when Gary spotted the ad with the following words:

"AS SEEN This is a (one off motor car) this Mini has been converted to a Sandringham (super) limousine fitted with extended body and converted to six wheel motor car. As seen has a (Rolls-Royce grill finish) this alone cost in excess of £2,500. This motor car is black with black velvet buttoned-back upholstery, full sun roof, also fitted with leather edged coney carpets and has covered (chauffeur driven) mileage of only 6,000 miles. This 1275 GT was built for the chairman of Sandringham Group of Motor Companies. A very special price for a one off motor car at £6,750. Finance and Part Exchange arranged."

Gary wrote: "I never saw this car on the island and in talking to other people it never was, however it was very unusual to have appeared in the Jersey Evening Post. The person selling it seemed to deal with oddball cars like this and had a number of cars for sale from a private residence all placed with this type of advert in our Jersey Evening Post. I recall other cars for sale like Aston Martin Lagondas etc. This person had no garage or showroom and seemed to operate from a private house. The adverts appeared for these cars for about a year or so with various cars for sale and then the person disappeared."

"It may have been that in Jersey at that time (and still today) that car/vehicle regulations were more relaxed than in England / the UK and it would have been easier to register/sell the car without having to go through the more rigorous tests that perhaps these sort of cars would have had in the UK, maybe… just a thought. Also, on the Island there are very wealthy people that are/were looking for something different. It may have been that the Chairman of the Sandringham group of companies that this car was reportedly built for actually lived on the island or perhaps the company was registered in Jersey and disposing or selling the car on/in or through Jersey would have had positive financial or tax benefits. I have a feeling that there was more than one of these cars, albeit perhaps from another company. Let's see what comes out from other people."

Great idea and thanks for sharing this one with us, Gary. Below you'll find the sketchy image that was printed in the advert plus two images from another Sandringham 6-wheeler conversion, so the Mini fits.

Rolls-Royce style grille and six wheels on your Mini 1275 GT. Does 'OD 1' survive?
Picture courtesy Jersey Evening Post

The Sandringham 6 was a Land Rover based conversion with 6-wheel drive
Picture courtesy

A company named Hotspur was involved, too. Did they have anything to do with the Mini, too?
Picture courtesy

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Mini Marcos Le Mans replicas

This weekend, Le Mans will host their classic event and there will be some Mini Marcoses taking part. Two of them are entered by four-men strong French teams (Berthonnet / Suzat / Leclerce / Faivre-Pierret and Door / Manjard / Julienne / Carini). There's also a Deep Sanderson (Bernberg / Ugo), but the one I was looking forewords to the most was the exact replica of the legendary 1966 Marcos car, built by members of the Marcos Owners Club in the UK. Unfortunately it doesn't make it to the race this year. A statement of the club's president Roger Young:

"It is with sadness and regret that I bring the news that the 1966 'replica' car will not be able to attend this years Classic Le Mans 50th celebration. Time has been against us and has been compounded by the cars apparent 'fight' to put every obstacle it can to prolong the rebuild. It seems it's won the first round, but it hasn't been for the want of trying I can assure you. During preparation for painting it was found that parts of the car did not have any resin in the matting. Something, it would appear, that it actually has never had and could have only happened during the manufacturing process. Additionally, degradation of fibreglass due to water ingression over the years it has been stood has also been a major issue. Whilst the car is nearing the end of the repairs to the intergrity of the shell (click here for pictures-JB), it has put the project back a further six or eight weeks. This now does not give us enough time to actually build the car. I am deeply disappointed as it has been a ‘dream’ for the past 18 months, to drive the car around the circuit in this special anniversary year. The car will appear, it will run at Le Mans, just not this year I am afraid."

What a pity. For a little consolation I have amassed some photographs of other Marcoses, which also replicate the famous number 50 that surprised the world 50 years ago.

This car, formerly owned by Dennis Overgaard Nielsen, was raced last weekend in Denmark
picture through Dennis Overgaard Nielsen

Dennis said: "The finish of it was not the best, but then it's a race car. Great to see it back though!"
picture through Dennis Overgaard Nielsen

This Mk4 is owned by Manuel Ferrão of Portugal and is also regularly seen at the track
Picture courtesy

Like the Danish car, it's not a Mk1 but a Mk4 though - note rear hatch and longer wheelbase
Picture courtesy

Perhaps not exactly the right shade - this one is a proper Mk1. It's in Italy 
Picture courtesy auto

It has been seen for sale several times, but I believe it's still with the same Italian owner
Picture courtesy auto

This one is owned by Frank Morskate in The Netherlands and replicates the LM car pretty accurately
Picture Jeroen Booij

Despite being a Mk3 it does features the correct driving lamps, side indicators, filler cap and more
Picture Jeroen Booij

Monday, 20 June 2016

Salt & Pepper Mini Moke identified

Another photograph of the modified Mini Moke that was used for the 1967 movie 'Salt & Pepper' - featuring Sammy Davis Junior and Peter Lawford - has emerged. See for an earlier article on it here. The question was then: could it still exist. I've now come just a little closer to answering that as the 'SALT 1' registration number, as seen throughout the movie, misses on this shot, revealing the car's actual number. 'KOA 750E' is issued to an Austin 850, white in colour. Strangely the car's year of manufacture is quoted as 1967, while the first registration supposedly dates back to 1 July 1981. Erm? Also: the last MOT expired on July 2010, which makes it hopeful that the strange vehicle did not end up on the bottom of the river Thames after all, but may actually still exist.

The plate it is known with: SALT 1. But Salt & Pepper Mini Moke had another one, too…
Picture Jeroen Booij archive

...As seen here. KOA 750E is issued to a 1967 Austin but DVLA says it was first registered in 1981
Picture courtesy Andrew Mann

Thursday, 16 June 2016

Broadspeed GTSs galore

It's not every weekend that a freshly restored Broadspeed GTS makes its entrance to a show at Beaulieu in the UK, while another GTS is raced on the other side of the world at Eastern Creek, Australia. First of them is of course the factory demonstrator and works racer, known as 'EOP 88D' and seen here demonstrated by Ralph Broad himself back in 1966. The car languished in Amsterdam for decades before being repatriated to the UK and being fully restored by Chris Wooden between 2009 and now. A top job as it looks absolutely sublime in these photographs, kindly supplied by Stuart Watson.

Meanwhile, Jono Morris sent in some photographs of his car Down Under, too. He wrote: "I also finally got mine out on the track at Eastern Creek in Sydney for the first time for some historic racing last weekend. There were so many people interested in the car, plenty of the older guys who remembered it or worked on it in '66 and '67, and all were very pleased to see it back on the track. It ran really well once I ironed out a few bugs on Saturday. Also thought you might be interested in this video (see below). Fast forward to about 10 minutes to see the Broadspeed racing at Bathurst. This year is the 50th celebration of the Mini Cooper 'S' dominating Bathurst and there is a special celebration for the Mini in October at the big race meeting. The Broadspeed will be entered and I have asked Laurie Stewart to come and drive the car at the event as he did nearly 50 years ago when he made it the fastest mini in Australia."

Long term restoration has paid of well, or so it seems. EOP 88D is back in its splendor
Picture courtesy Stuart Watson

Dubonnet Rosso paint job, like in '66, is gorgeous. Side exhaust just visible here 
Picture courtesy Stuart Watson

The car's simple and lovely patinated interior is kept that way, fortunately
Picture courtesy Stuart Watson

Over at Eastern Creek, Jono Morris' Australian built GTS makes its return to the track
Picture courtesy Rod MacKenzie

The car was known as 'Australia's fastest Mini' after being timed at 127.84mph at Bathurst
Picture courtesy Rod MacKenzie

It uses a five-speed gearbox, limited slip diff and comes with a very checkered history
Picture courtesy Rod MacKenzie

The car can be seen in action on film here, from 10:16 on
Video courtesy youtube

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Not a Moke, but where is it?

Reader Tom Aldrian wonders if his mock-Moke is still around. He wrote: "Hi Jeroen, lots of fun reading the books I bought from you, bringing back some distant memories like the Nomad I took to the IMM in Ireland (I wonder if that car is still about and if I could borrow it for another trip to Ireland…). Or turning up at my brothers rather posh wedding in Germany in an MDV (my mom was anything but impressed). Anyway, here a picture of another thing I used to own: I bought it around 1999 somewhere in or around Walsall. It was advertised as a Moke, which it wasn't, and came with no registration. As it was based on a Mini Van floor pan (with quite a few genuine Moke panels thrown at it), I sourced an according log book and had lots of fun with it. It eventually went via Ebay and I last heard anything of it when it turned up on Ebay again probably about 10 years ago, then without registration and some bullshit story about having been a film star used in an ice cream advert. It still had the seats I made from some wooden planks but the engine had been removed, so I don't think it had done much else than sitting in somebodies garden since I sold it. If I find any better pictures, I'll forward them to you."

Tom in the Mini Van based Moke replica he used to own from 1999 on. Is it still alive?
Picture courtesy Tom Aldrian

Update 16 June: Could this be the ice cream advert mentioned? Thanks to Bart van Reusel

Video courtesy youtube