Thursday, 9 August 2012

Mystery Mini derivative (24)

Another oddity, this time with probably the weirdest name of them all, was sent in by avid Mini fan and regular here Roald Rakers. The Grot Box. Bloody hell, I've seen some Mini based vehicles with strange model designations, but this one just has to beat them all. But it really is how a company by the name of AVS marketed a buggy sort of car with Mini power. Was it meant for auto crossers or auto testers? The sketch by a man named 'Lätter' definitely points towards a front mounted engine. It may also suggest that none were ever built, but 'Grot lovers' may prove me wrong... For previous Mystery Mini derivatives click here.
The Grot Box was offered by a company named AVS but that, too, doesn't ring a bell
Ad sent in by Roald Rakers

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