Monday, 6 May 2013

Today 46 years ago

May 1967, Zandvoort track, The Netherlands. That's Tonio Hildebrand racing the Broadspeed GTS for the first time. It's a car that we've seen here once or twice before. Side exhaust, ram pipes - this car must have been noisy. I love it.

Tonio Hildebrand racing the Broadspeed GTS with its original UK registration EOP 88D
Picture Jeroen Booij archive / Auto Revue magazine

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  1. The Easterrace of 1967 was on the 15th of may, Hildebrand came in first in his class (upto 1300cc) with a Matra Jet driven by David van Lennep (brother of Gijs van Lennep the later F1 driver) 2nd and Bert Dolk on Lotus elite came in third.
    In the race Hildebrand had a beautiful battle with Henk van Zalinge that drove a 1600cc Lotus elan as the came thundering down the straight side by side towards the Tarzan coner. Those were the days!