Thursday, 14 April 2022

Unipower GT ready for the season

The freshly restored and ex-Peter Filby Unipower GT of Howard Darby and Bob Neville just had its shakedown and Howard was so kind to share some (moving) images of the car. He added: "Bob had to do some checks on his McLaren 720 last Monday so we decided to shakedown the Unipower GT at the same time. The car is now entered at Prescott for a hill climb on May 14th". It is looking fantastic in its all-Easter hue - all the best in May chaps! 

From basket case to circuit stunner: the Unipower was restored in two years time
Picture courtesy Howard Darby 

The car is built up as a racer but is road legal on its original plate, too
Picture courtesy Howard Darby 

Co-owners Howard Darby and Bob Neville hope to enter it in several events this season
Picture courtesy Howard Darby 

And a small video clip of the car on the move for the first time since decades 
Video courtesy Howard Darby 

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