Monday, 26 June 2023

Le Mans Mini Marcos: back home

A trip up and down to Pau sees the Le Mans Mini Marcos finally back home in The Netherlands after more than 18 months. The car is on its wheels and the engine is in and runs. The engine is built to the exact 1966 Le Mans specifications and looks to have a power output which is near identical, too. And, boy, does it look and sound good and seem snappy! It's been dyno'd and has run for a couple of hours with running-in oil. It is ready to go now and seems very happy to rev high, which it does at a very fast response, too - movie and data will follow. 

But before it will have a go the car needs some more painting - doors and bonnet, then the yellow stripe and white roundels. I think it's safe to say though, that it does bring us in the final stage of the restoration - the building up of all the rest of the car. Doors, glass, rubbers, lights, interior, dashboard need to go in or be connected. The same goes for the brakes and all the wiring et cetera. There will be lots and lots of details that need attention next but I'm looking much forward to this stage and my mojo for the project is definitely back. Big thumbs up for Joost van Diën who accompanied me on the journey and was so kind to let me borrow his trailer and tow car. Again - he has been involved in the project from day one.

Back in The Netherlands with the Le Mans engine finally in. Yes, it needs wheel spacers!
Picture Joost van Diën

'La Puce Bleue' loaded up in the trailer in Pau, ready for the journey back home
Picture Joost van Diën

Starting it up with Philippe Quirière. I need to make a movie of the engine running 
Picture Joost van Diën


  1. Great to see it's back with you. That man Joost has done some driving in the past few weeks ;)
    I only just noticed the different coloured indicator lenses on the front of the car, any particular reason for this ?

    1. He will be at Le Mans Classic later this week, too! The left hand lense is wrong as I couldn't find a clear one in the right size. Another obsolete part or so it seems. But there are many details which are not yet right now.

  2. It's 2CV but there seem to be many designs, all slightly different

  3. Fantastic! Can't wait to see it finished