Tuesday 24 December 2013

Christmas puzzle 2013: Name the Frame

Time for tradition. We've had Christmas puzzles focussing on rear lights (here); head lights (here) and on 'Faces & Places', believed to be too difficult (here). The theme for this year is: Name the Frame. Is it easier? I think so. The idea is simple as always: you give the full name and model designation of the 25 cars that these chassis frames belong to and the first who has them all right wins a cool prize. This year that prize is an extremely rare press pack for the William Towns designed TXC Tracer of 1985. I have never seen another, and this one is signed by the late Towns himself, too. Send your answers via the comments below up until December 31 of this year. Good luck!

UPDATE 2 January 2014: Not easy, and only one player. Come on guys! Anyway, the frames are named and they are: 1: Coldwell GT, 2: Nimbus Don Parker Special, 3: Maya GT, 4: Landar R6, 5: Whitby Warrior, 6: Deep Sanderson 105, 7: Biota Mk1, 8: Greenwood 'sidecar', 9: Hustler 4, 10: TXC Tracer, 11: Gecko, 12: Status Minipower, 13: Siva Buggy, 14: ABS Freestyle, 15: Andersen Cub, 16: Unipower GT, 17: Ranger Cub, 18: Jiffy, 19: Boro GT, 20: Stimson Mini Bug, 21: Mean Sonora, 22: Onyx Tomcat, 23: Jackson Sportster, 24: Lolita Mk2, 25: Sauter Special.

Name the Frame - click for a bigger image


  1. Just to start it of.
    1 coldwell gt
    4 landar r6
    5 magenta
    6 deep sanderson 105
    7 biota
    8 owen greenwoods side car
    9 hustler
    10 ?
    11 gecko
    12 status
    13 siva buggy
    14 free style buggy
    15 grantura yak
    16 deep sanderson 301
    17 graham hull special
    18 jiffy
    19 boro gt
    20 minibug mk1
    21 mean sonora
    22 ncf blitz
    23 ?
    24 lolita mk2
    25 sauter special

  2. That's pretty good! Apart from the ones you don't know the numbers 5, 16 and 17 are wrong.

  3. 16 unipower gt
    3 mobo-one
    2 nimbus don parker special
    5 mule

  4. Definitely getting warmer Paul. The Unipower and Nimbus DP Special are correct. As for the rest of them… Number 3 is a car that is extensively covered here, 5 is even more robust than the Mule, 17 was made in some sort of numbers for the kind of vehicle it was, 10 and 23 are difficult ones I reckon… Pity you are the only player. I guess I should make it easier again for the next year?

  5. 10 The Macintosh M1 ? 5 nomad ?

  6. 23: check! But number 5 is not the Nomad or Moonbug and 10 is not the MacIntosh...

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  8. I guess I should make it easier again for the next year? Your will be running out of parts to use soon Jeroen . lol good game as always .

  9. 22 Isn't an NCF Blitz, it's an Onyx Tomcat (which later became the Freestyle in 14)
    Think 15 is a Mk2 Scamp

  10. You're right with the Tomcat, but you're too late pal! 15 is the Grantura Yak though.

  11. Stop press! #15 is the Andersen Cub. How could I?!

  12. I love to play games but like last year it's a bit too difficult for me sorry