Thursday, 19 December 2013

Find of the Year - the 2013 nominees

Yep. It's time to introduce you to the nominees for the 'Best Find of 2013'. This year there were 8 cars suitable for a nomination - once again I picked out 5 of which I believed they are the best. Now it's up to you to decide which one wins the title. There's a poll on the right side of this blog and you just have to tick the box of your favourite find. The one with the most votes wins - it's simple as that. Now over to the candidates.

1. The Luna Bug. Mini derivatives hardly get more mysterious than this: a Stimson rip-off of which none would have believed it survived. It appeared in February this year only to vanish again short after its discovery. Speaking about mysteriousness… Click here for its story

2. The Japanese Unipower. Discovered in a derelict Japanese warehouse full of rare sports cars. The identity of this car is unknown to me and I would love to find out more about it. Two readers have made clear they have plans to go and see it. Click here for the story

3. The Mini Jaba. Found in a scrap yard in Spain this October, this could well be the car that was shown on the Barcelona Motor Show of 1971. The Jaba was meant as a neo-classic mimicking a 1930s car but based on the Mini. Will it be saved? Story of its discovery here

4. The Notts Nimrod. Not many Nimrods were built, and just a few are known to survive. This one, offered for sale in Nottinghamshire in January this year, was completely new to me. It looked nice and completely original, too, on its 1971 plates. Full story here

5. The American Elswick. You do not come across an Elswick Envoy very often, but how about one in the US, built to American specification with big bumpers and safety warnings? Bruce Rolland bought it and now plans to restore it to its former glory. Read his story here

Luna Bug could be unique, although the works demonstrator had a different reg
Picture courtesy Paul Wylde
An unknown Unipower GT in a derelict warehouse full of exotics - only in Japan
Picture source unknown
Retro styling a Mini in the 1970s. Mini Jaba made it to the Barcelona Motor Show
Picture courtesy
Nottingham Nimrod looks complete and original. It was sold on eBay in January
Picture courtesy
That's Bruce in his Elswick Envoy. And, yes, it has central seating like the McLaren F1…
Picture courtesy Bruce Rolland

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