Friday, 7 February 2014

Biota for sale

Not just a car - the Biota name, the moulds, the rights to build the car plus an assortment of Biota vehicles and stuff. Check this out!

When I visited John Rayner a couple of years ago to see his collection of Biota cars I was overwhelmed. Here was a man who not only had a fair share of the 31 cars built, including the first production car and first customer car - John had also amassed lots of other stuff like the original moulds and the jigs. The next thing was to take over the Biota name and its production rights from John Houghton, and that's exactly what he did.

That's a lot of things Biota for one man, one John has now decided to part with it. As he wrote to me: "Yes I am interested in selling everything 'the whole lot', but preferable in one lot."
See the ad here for all the details.

Three of John's Biotas in various states of rebuild. It's all up for sale now
Picture courtesy John Rayner
A Mk2 Biota bonnet next to its mould. These, too, are included in the sale
Picture Jeroen Booij
Well-used in the 1970s - various gellcoat layers can be seen on moulding
Picture Jeroen Booij


  1. Just came across this add. I own a left hand drive Biota in the Netherlands. What happened to all these goodies?

    1. The lot was sold to a good friend of this weblog in the UK.