Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Reeves Matrix found in Kent

Speaking about unusual finds - how about a Reeves Matrix! A what? Hang on. I received several messages of a most unusual three-wheeler that is offered for sale at the moment in Canterbury. The seller describes it as follows: "I'm selling my 1957 BSA motorbike and sidecar combined. It has been converted very well (…) It has a short shift gear change and a 1275GT engine - it flies! It needs lots of work but will turn heads everywhere it goes. This is a one-off vehicle tax and MOT exempt, built by an ex-road racer of bikes."

A one-off? Could be, but in fact I'm convinced it's a Reeves Matrix, built by Reeves Engineering Development in Newark in the mid- to late 1980s. I'm not totally sure how serious Reeves was about the Matrix as it was a truly weird contraption with motorbike steering combined to Mini power and one of the rear wheels in an off-set position. It was marketed, though, and officially unveiled at the 1985 Alternative and Kit Car Show of which I have a picture. The prototype shown on that looks to be different from the one in Canterbury. It has a different engine cover, different headlights and different sides. However, it clearly is the same basic design with that very unusual off-set right hand rear wheel.
Anyway: I'd never have believed to come across a survivor, so the eBay advert is the surprise of the week. Let me know if you buy it! Oh, and thanks everyone for letting me know.

Reeves Matrix at the 1985 Alternative and Kit Car show. Where they ever serious?
Picture Jeroen Booij archive
And a Matrix in Kent. Is it the same vehicle that's been modified or a second one?
Picture courtesy ebay.co.uk

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  1. Hi,
    I am the guy who bought the Reeves Matrix from Ebay! It's actually a in better condition than it appears in the picture. I haven't been able find out much about it, but I believe it to be an early model as access to the engine compartment was improved in later models. I presume that the nearside wheel was offset so that it could be officially classed as a motorbike and sidecar and not a tricycle. ANY information on this wierd (and rare) vehicle would be gratefully received!!
    Many Thanks, John