Tuesday, 15 April 2014

4 Updates: SHADO Jeep; Wildgoose; Unipower; Beach Boys

Over a week of no single update, so here's four in one:

- The SHADO Jeep that was found in a Tenerife scrap yard has been saved. Well done ElStellino and we look forwards to updates on this interesting project!

- The Wildgoose Brent that was offered for sale in auction made 7,700 GBP. With commission (12.5%) and VAT that not a bad price for a - erm - well-ripe little camper!

 - The slightly more thorough then expected fresh-up of Gerry Hulford's Unipower GT is finished and the car is ready for Blyton Park on Sunday May 4.

- The pictures of the Beach Boys and their Moke based 'Mini Surfers' do not show Brian Wilson, but his brother Carl Wilson instead. Here's another with Brian (left), or is it Carl again?

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