Tuesday, 1 April 2014

The Summer of '69 - Unipower galore

45 Years ago a Unipower GT thundered along the Le Mans track during test day. Click here for it's full story. It's the car you'll be able to see in full splendor, fresh from a restoration, at Blyton Park on May 4. Meanwhile reader Peter Camping came across an old article of the car in a 1969 copy of l'Automobile magazine, of which the pictures are shown below. I especially like the drawing as I suspect the artist never to have seen the car from its rear. He's made the GT look even more like a miniature GT40!

Least as interesting is a picture coming from Spain. It was send over to me by Christian Sanmartin Castro who was wondering if I knew anything more about the car on it. All he knows is that it was photographed at Jarama racing track in 1969. Strangely I cannot find anything on a Unipower racing there in '69. Fact is that a Unipower was raced there two years before (and that, too, will make it to Blyton Park - click here), but that clearly is a different one. So which one could this one be? One of the Spanish cars, or perhaps a Portugese one?

A Unipower GT at Jarama race track in 1969. That's all we know about this one
Picture courtesy Christian Sanmartin Castro

The artist who made this drawing for l'Automobile magazine probably didn't see the car
Picture courtesy l'Automobile

Rare but sketchy image of the Unipower GT Le Mans car's power train as it was in 1969
Picture courtesy l'Automobile

At speed during the qualification for Le Mans on March 30, 1969. You can see it in May
Picture courtesy l'Automobile

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