Friday, 23 May 2014

Moke roadster is a Sydney school project

A couple unusual Mini Moke based vehicles have come by here in the past, from racers to movie cars, but nothing prepared me for the clipping that Miguel Plano sent me last week. It came from the Sydney Morning Herald of September 1967 and mentions a Moke based oddity unlike anything else.

The article says the following: "A vehicle made of 'thrown away' parts is proving one of the biggest attractions at the Sydney International Motor Show. It is a specially built-up Mini Moke, on the stand of the Vehicle Trades School of the Sydney Technical College. The Moke is one of five completely wrecked vehicles made to look new by branches of the college at Sydney, Gymea, Granville, Canberra and Lismore. The Moke is the brainchild of Gymea teacher-in-charge, Mr Graham Wilkinson, who bought the wrecked Moke for 180 dollars and adapted the latest American designs brought back by a friend, a Qantas pilot, Mr Ed. Johnson. Other parts are a 1964 Holden front guard, a 1963 bonnet, four HD model guards made into two, plus four Falcon tail-lights. All these panels were damaged and thrown out as useless by panelbeaters in the Gymea area. The Moke will be auctioned after the show and interested buyers can list their names at the College stand"

What do you think? I think it's a cracker and would love to find out more. Could it still be surviving? The men on the picture are apprentice Richard Widak and a teacher, Mr Jeff Richardson. Let me know if you know them, or when you know more about this intriguing school project.

Moke based creature was built by Sydney Technical College students in 1967
Picture courtesy Sydney Morning Herald

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  1. When this car is alive and kicking, perhaps the first nomination for the 'Best Find of 2014'...?