Friday, 16 May 2014

The Christopher Mini is alive

Remember this one? The Mini based Lotus Seven lookalike known as the Christopher Mini made it to these pages in January 2013. It was built in the early 1990s by Mike Christopher of GT Developments in Poole and shown on a Bristol show in November 1991. Jim King wrote me a message saying he'd seen it at a fuel satiation on the A38/B4008 junction near Gloucester and was pretty surprised about its appearance there.

Jim: "As an ex-Mini owner and an owner of one of the first Domino Pimlicos, I recognised the wheels and the bonnet suggested an A series. I chatted very briefly with the owner who told me it was a one-off made in Poole and he bought it in 1995 - I got the idea that he wanted to pass it on to an enthusiast? Didn't get a name or address, but he drove south on the A38 after filling up…" Now, if the owner would indeed like to sell it, why not get in touch..?

Based on a 1970 Morris Mini 1000 - this appears to be the only Christopher Mini in existence
Picture courtesy Jim King 
 The roof construction is pretty odd with a Targa bar leading to a closed rear with buttresses
Picture courtesy Jim King 

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  1. Looks like it`s in good nick!
    Next time tske a pic with your Domino Pimlico next to it!
    Also, take a look at facebook: Domino Pimlico Register