Thursday, 30 October 2014

2 Former Broadspeed owners call in

What a coincidence to get in touch with not one but two former owners of the same Broadspeed GT this week!

First of them was Barrie Smith, who was a keen racing amateur at the time and bought the 1966-car registered EOP 89D second hand for £950. He wrote: "Originally it was bought by a wealthy chap called Bateman who lived in Kent near us. He then sold it to Cheshire’s Garage in Westgate, and that is where I bought it in around 1969, so it was a bit over two years old. I used it for a couple of years before selling it on. I do not remember where or to whom. I have the original advert from Cheshire’s Garage that I can send to you next week (I have told Barrie I am looking forwards to this-JB). I only did one sprint with it, organized by the Margate and district motor club at Manston airport".

But the best bit is that Barrie has some gorgeous old pictures of the car, taken during his ownership, see below. Like Barrie, I do not know who owned the car after he sold it, but in 1977 it was taken over by Greg Jones, who also contacted me this week, through his son. He wrote:

"In 1977, I bought EOP 89D, the white car seen on the front cover of Car and car Conversions magazine in January 1967. When I bought her she was metallic brown and I used her for fun until 1980. At Silverstone in 1978, people hardly new what a Broadspeed was and took little notice. The GT would out pace my brothers new V12 XJS up to about 85mph. Then I advertised it in Motor Sport magazine and was phoned by Tony Bloore, who was a director of Broadspeed. He had a poster of EOP 89D and EOP 88D at the show with his wife standing between them. Apparently, the 89D and another GT were given as prizes by the Daily Express. Tony Bloore did not buy 89D because it snowed before seeing her and he bought the original Scimitar supposedly owned by Prince Phillip. I eventually gave 89D to my nephew who sold her to someone in Henley in Arden, Warwickshire. I presume he restored her to being white as in photos seen in recent years."

And, indeed, the car has meticulously been restored in recent times. Unfortunately we don't see it very often anymore. Will we see you at Blyton Park next year, Chris?

The Broadspeed GT at Cheshires garage in Westgate. It was here that Barrie paid £950 for it
Picture courtesy Barrie Smith

 In the garage workshop. Note BARC badge in grille - Barrie was a keen racer
Picture courtesy Barrie Smith

 EOP 89D seen here at one of many race meetings which Barrie attended during ownership
Picture courtesy Barrie Smith 

 Barrie with the car in his young days. He kept it for some years but raced it only once
Picture courtesy Barrie Smith

 This is the only picture that I have of the car when it was brown, as it was when Greg Jones had it
Picture Jeroen Booij archive

'EOP 89D' as it is now. Fully restored to what could be a better than new specification
Picture courtesy


  1. You should read the forum more often Jeroen! :-)

    Pete :-)

  2. By the way, the car turned up on a trailer at Stanford Hall in the early 90's as I remember, I'll try and dig the photo out,.


    1. Gosh, I hadn't even seen that Pete. I should check the forum more often indeed! But pictures of it in the early 90s are more than welcome anytime…