Friday, 5 February 2016

Stimson's stories (4)

Well, more pictures then stories this time, but some very nice material never the less. It's not very often that you see moving images of a Stimson MiniBug being auto crossed in period. You see it here, thanks to the ever enthusiastic Barry and Caroline Stimson, who dug it out from some old boxes. The car driven seriously fast seen here is the rare racing version of the MiniBug; the CS+2, driven by autocross-champion John Bevan, who was sponsored by Cars & Car Conversions magazine at the time - they wrote about his exploits on a monthly basis. Some more info here. Enjoy the film for now!

Video courtesy Barry & Caroline Stimson


  1. One for sale in Switzerland

    1. Yep:

  2. Its the wider CS body minibug .

  3. The Yellow ,black and Blue one in the vid is mine.Bring on the Sun .

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