Thursday, 25 February 2016

Who converted Françoises Mini?

French novelist Françoise Sagan had a soft spot for big dogs and fast open top cars. The web is full of pictures of her in droptop Jaguars, Aston Martins, Ferraris, ACsLancias and Lotuses, often accompanied by a shepherd dog. But a Mini? Hey, it appears she had one for scooting around in Paris, too. And it was not a regular model either. This Mini - a Mk2 Austin Cooper - was converted into a cabriolet. But by who? I don't think it was a Crayford with no hood to be seen. Or am I wrong? I do know there were several cabriolet conversions haling from France but don't know very much about them. Do you?

Kosellek Mini Cabriolet (mid 1960s)
Jacky Mini Plage (late 1960s)
ATA Many Mego Mini Cabriolet (1970s or 1980s)
Fayard Mini Cabriolet (1970s or 1980s)
ENAC Mini Mayfair Cabriolet (mid 1980s)
Arc de Triomphe Mini Cabriolet (1988-1998)

Francoise Sagan, her dog and one of many cabriolets. Who converted it?
Picture via François Tasiaux

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  1. Motortune used to advertise Crayford converted Minis as a 'Mini Sprint' as I seem to remember and had one on the Racing Car Show Stand. Pete