Friday, 9 March 2018

Beach Boys Mini Surfer survivor

Jeff Lehmann came in with some great news about a car he recently bought. It's one of very few surviving 'Mini Surfers', which were Mini Mokes modified by coachbuilder George Barris in corporation with The Beach Boys. I wrote about the cars before (here) and even saw a little glimpse of Jeff's car over a year ago (here).

Jeff wrote: "I am sure you saw the car before as it was advertised about a year ago by the owner's son. His dad passed away and he had to sell his small collection of cars. The Moke was his favorite and was the last to go. I went and looked at the car and it was in very good shape overall. No rust through anywhere. Last registered in 1985. Most of the original red stripes turned black in the Florida sun but are still red in a few spots. I have the original surfboard and fur covered seats."

"This car was given away in August 1966 in Cleveland Ohio for the WHK radio promotion and I have the original ship ticket from Capitol Records to WHK. It was shipped to them air fright on United Airlines from Hollywood California. I also have a black plate Mk1 Cooper S that is an all original survivor and plan to keep this one original as well. There is only another one known to exist but this one is the only one with original paint."

It's a fantastic addition to the Cooper 'S' Jeff! Please keep me posted on the car.

A real Mini Surfer! Apart from the personal cars for The Beach Boys, 20 more were supposedly made to be given away by radio stations throughout the US in special Beach Boys competitions 
Picture Jeff Lehmann

The stripes on Jeff's car have turned dark rather than red but they are believed to be original
Picture Jeff Lehmann

Fake air intake was another add-on for these cars. Canopy and interior was striped, too
Picture Jeff Lehmann

That's the ship ticket from Capitol Records to WHK Radio that came with the car
Picture Jeff Lehmann


  1. I has a Bentley Mk VI that belonged to one of the Beach Boys. Later met an attorney in L.A. who recalled not just the car, but that he saw Charles Manson riding in it once.

  2. My father bought one of The Beach Boys Barris Mokes back in 1975 from a farmer in Ohio. A true barn find. He/we owned many Minis, 2x 998, 3x “S” and several with MG 1100 in them. He eventually sold the Moke to a friend of mine in Orlando Fl in late 80s. Had the original surfboard still. No idea what happened to the car.

    1. That's a lovely story. Please drop me a line if you'd be interested to turn it into a little article here on maximum Mini: jeroen at jeroenbooij dor com