Tuesday, 4 December 2018

Scamping in the 1980s

Chris Westgate shares some photographs taken at Scamp Owner's Club meetings in the 1980s. Enjoy! UPDATE: all pictures were taken by Paul Irvine.

That's a Mk1 in all its simplicity, a Scamp as it should be!
Picture Paul Irvine

But this is rather nice, too. A Mk1 as a van with added grille and raised headlights 
Picture Paul Irvine

And then there's this! The 12-seater Holiday Scamp, as offered by the factory
Picture Paul Irvine

Another Mk1, this one with another idea to modify the headlights
Picture Paul Irvine

This was a well-known Mk1 in Scamping circles, owned and modified by club instigator Fred Cake
Picture Paul Irvine


  1. Hi Jeroen,
    These Scamp photos were taken by me in the early eighties, I passed them to the Scamp owners club at Stoneleigh this year, I can pretty much name the location and of all of these if needed.

    Paul Irvine

    1. Oh! Thanks Paul, I will amend that in the article right now.