Tuesday, 25 December 2018

Christmas puzzle 2018

This has become a real classic since 2010: the Maximum Mini Christmas puzzle. For this year you won't find any Mini based car in the pictures below, not even details. However, all the vehicles seen do link directly to a Mini based creature. And you guessed it: I want the names of the cars seen and the links to the Mini derivatives in all detail. The first who all the answers right wins a picture to choice from the Maximum Mini archives, printed in a large size. Send your answers via the comments below up until December 31 of this year. Good luck!

Maximum Mini Christmas puzzle 2018


  1. 1: Monica 560
    2: Austin Healey 100/6
    3: Tucker 48
    4: Ferrari 400i convertible
    5: Hrubon Thélème 1968 version
    6: Méan coupe sport
    7: Ed Strakers car in the serie UFO
    8: Bently Brookland Turbo
    9: Aston Martin Lagonda
    10: Donkervoort D8 GTO
    11: Jaguar XK8 convetible
    12: Reliant Scimitar GTE 5a
    13: Sunbeam Rapier convertible
    14: AC 3000 ME
    15: Foers Ibex
    16: Owen Sedanca

  2. 5: Hrubon was linked duo to the mini marcos entry at le mans in 66
    7: The UFO series was also home to the S.H.A.D.O.W mini based vehicle

    1. 15: The Foers Nomad was there first vehicle Foers made and based on a mini/ moke.

    2. 14: The 3000me prototype was the AC Diablo prototype and was ment as the "new" Unipower GT. A sort of evolved Unipower if you will.

    3. 1: The Monica 560 came to life with the help of Chris Lawrence from Lawrencetune. The first chassis and jig was made by Chris and would have been using the Lawrence tuned Truimph engine but instead the Martin 3L engine was used for a few prototypes. Chris Lawrence was the man begin the Deep Sanderson mini based cars.

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  4. 1.1972 Monica 560- developed by Chris Lawerence, developer of the LeMans racing Deep Sanderson and driver of the 1967 LeMans Mini Marcos.
    2. Austin Healey 3000 Mk 1 – Dennis Prophet was the Canadian Importer who later went on to design the Rapture GT
    3. Tucker 48 – styled by Alex Tremulin, the designer of the Gyro-X
    4. Ferrari 400I Convertible – Enzo Ferrari had a uniquely designed Mini Cooper
    5. Hrubon Thelme – brainchild of Jean-Claude Hrubon, the man behind the ’66 LeMans Mini Marcos entry, he is also responsible for the Hrubon Schmit
    6. Mean Liberta Sports Coupe – Mean also manufactured the Sonora which was powered by a BMC Mini engine.
    7. Ed Straker’s car from the TV series UFO (showing nightly om Forces Network TV in the UK at present) – Also in the series were the SHADO Jeeps which were Mini Moke based.
    8. Bentley Continental R – former head of Bentley Graham Hull is now an author of motoring interest books who in his spare time designed and built the Graham Hull Special three wheeler.
    9. Aston Martin Lagonda – from the pen of William Towns, other cars he designed were the Hustler series of cars, Minissima, Tracer and the Elswick Envoy.
    10. Donkervoort D8 GT – (this ones is a bit of a stretch !!) Joop Donkervoort was an importer of Caterham Cars in Holland in the late 70’s, at the time the chassis were made by Arch Motors in Huntingdon in the UK, they also built the chassis for the Status Minipower.
    11. Banham Jaguar XJS-S – from the man who gave us the Banham Sprint and Roadster
    12. Reliant Scimitar GTE – Designed by David Ogle the father of the Ogle SX1000.
    13. Singer Gazelle Series II – this car is the source for the rear lights on the Unipower GT.
    14. AC 3000ME – designed by Bohanna & Stables who were the designers of the Unipower GT MkII that never saw production
    15. Foers Ibex – one of the companies earlier productions was the Foers Nomad.
    16. Owens Sedanca – Commisioned by Gerald Ronson who was the owner of H.R. Owen, a luxury car dealership in London. Owens were approached by Peter Sellers to provide him with a Mini and they entrusted the work to Hoopers and the first coachbuilt Mini was born.

    That’s the best I can do :-)
    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all
    Neil KilBane.

    1. That list looks right to me Neil and Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you too

    2. Well done Neil, glad you enjoy the puzzle. Not quite there yet though! Do give it another try if you like!