Wednesday, 4 December 2019

Lolita Mk2 in old pictures

I was donated a lovely old picture of the Australian built Lolita Mk2 (see Maximum Mini 1 for full story and beautiful picture by Craig Watson) recently and ended up finding several more at Aussie motoring press agency Autopics. The Lolita was designed and built by Henry Nehrybecki's and Ian Pope's 'Lolita Automobile Developments' in 1967. The car came in the Can Am-fashion of the late 1960s and used some innovative ideas. The 1310cc Cooper 'S' engine was canted much forwards and came from the rally Mini of Australian race ace Bob Holden, who took the Mk2 to the tracks, too.
The car later received an Alfa Romeo 1500 engine, but was restored to its former glory in the 2000s with another Mini 1380 unit. By the time Maximum Mini volume 1 came out in 2009 it was owned by Greg Neal, but I'm not sure if he still has it?

New (to me) photograph of the Lolita Mk2 in action on an Australian track in the late 1960s
Picture Jeroen Booij archive

But more have been unearthed by Autopics. This is the car at Warwick Farm in 1969 

Same race, it seems. The car was driven by Aussie legend Bob Holden here

Bathhurst, 7 April 1969, with Bob Holden behind the wheel once more

Warwick Farm, 5 September 1970. Holden racing for Lolita Automobile Developments

The Lolita Mk2 appears to have been modified here with aluminium spoilers?

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