Wednesday, 30 March 2022

The future of Maximum Mini - advice needed

It's more then 12 years since this webpage was started as a spin-off to the Maximum Mini books. But now, 1399 articles illustrated with thousands of pictures later, the time has come for some structural changes. 

Why? Well, it's easy. I am spending more and more time on Maximum Mini and less and less on my other writings. Those other writings are my income, Maximum Mini hardly earns me any. I need an income. Carrying on in this way will spell my end, taking Maximum Mini with me to the grave. 

I've thought of stopping. But there are so many cars and their stories left to be uncovered. I have material for hundreds and hundreds more. I've also been talking to a few people about the possibilities. What they all tell me is that weblogs are becoming extinct with video now having become the norm. 

So how do I see the future? I find that very hard. As a blog for paid members perhaps? Or as a Youtube channel? Patreon offers a service that may fit in well, too. Or how about a podcast or even a paper magazine? Please let me hear from you, dear reader, in the comments below.

Three Mini Moke based SHADO Jeeps in the science fiction movie 'Doppelganger'


  1. I'd back anything. More than happy for a patreon too, this is an amazing resource.

  2. roen! je hebt film makers in de familie. Ga ervan uit dat een video beter is en meer zal brengen dan text. Daarna patreon denk ik. gr neef bob

  3. A YouTube channel with this site as a back up would probably work. You can do a video on all the past finds. Endless material for short 5 min videos on YouTube.

  4. I am with MidasTwo - happy to back anything like via Patreon. Incredible resource!

  5. Dear Jeroen.
    Sorry to hear as it is a great resource. It can be hard to reach out in the flood of information these days. My thoughts about this: Either you have to get in some volounteers to help you to do work with the data you have, compile, write, do more research, spread the Word etc. Then you have more time for the writing that gives you an income, but somehow risk to loose your data.
    Or you have to team up with some bigger player that already have a big part of the market. They have resources to reached the mass, they can probably offer different ways as Web, video, paper, pod, meetings. But at a cost...

    Are there any other possible partners? As museums, heritage trusts, bigger car collectors?

    Can you use the Le Mans Marcos and all your data and get in touch with somebody to get your own museum departement?

    Can you expand/modern over to other sector with similar theme but High end market where there are more money rolling? And use the Mini detivatives as comparisions?

    Just some ideal.

    Best regards
    Micke in Sweden

  6. hi Jeroen,

    might be a rare thing, but I actually enjoy the format as-is, as a complement to the books. People might suggest it's old-fashioned, but also way more usable compared to video if looking for information. Saying that: I would probably enjoy that as well, but as entertainment, not a resource.

    As one of four people helping maintain another old-fashioned medium (yes, there still are forums despite the existance of f***book) - we've struggled as well, but can rely on a dedicated user base that always jumps to the rescue. Being multiple people we can afford to do this on the sidelines, so advice as per others comments could maybe help - get people/companies/organizations to help, by effort or money. Merchandise has worked, but people have also just been willing to just outright support us to help cover running costs. Not sure, would people think a GoFundMe would find acceptance here?

    What would be the most important objective - reduce amount of work, or fix the lack of monetization?

    All the best - really hoping for a decision to keep this going in whatever form!

    Best regards,

    (fondly remembering once contributing the tiniest bit to one of the three-wheeled variants)

  7. Hi Jeroen

    YouTube would be a good place for your to tell you discovery and histroy sources. If you hit the magic subscriber count then you will enable monetisation which may help you out. Plus you can use the cards feature to link to other videos on your channel to keep viewers engaged. More clicks = more money :-)

    Youtube videos can be made very quickly using a mobile phone and some basic video editing software so hopefully no additional investment would be needed. Plus seeing and hearing some of these mini variants would add extra depth that just a photo.

    I'd also be willing to pay for a magazine say every quarter but I'd question if this would actually give you more time to focus on your other projects.


  8. Well... I've asked for advice and I have received advice. Thank you all for that.

    The trouble now is that there are rather many different visions. Some of you say Youtube and / or Patreon is the way to go, others express their disliking towards anything video.

    One valued reader wrote "The worst alternative for me is podcasts and Youtube (the latter with 'talking heads'). These proliferated in the pandemic but I have mostly given up any of them. Most of the time there is just too much idle talk of the participants, and after sitting there for about an hour I realize that useful information gained from it would not even have filled one written page that I could have 'consumed' in a few minutes."

    I tend to agree with that, although when I speak to somebody from the other camp I can see the advantages also.

    Well, it doesn't make deciding any easier. I'll think over it and may just continue the usual Maximum Mini postings in the meantime...

  9. Hi Jeroen

    I still think the way forward is some kind of Maximum Mini Club. With a yearly subscription, owners could register their vehicle further helping to advance the Maximum Mini archive (a register of each derivative)..? Maybe affiliate yourself with mini parts suppliers to sponsor a hill climb class for mini derivatives, or the Fastest mini in the world derivatives class...?

    If you want to go mad, you could maybe ask for sponsorship from the current Mini copyright owners, to further keep bending their mini connections... just kidding.... ;)

    Just some ramblings / ideas......

    The point I'm trying to make is, there really is only the Maximum Mini webpage for the followers / owners of this niche type of oddball vehicles, to find accurate reference and answers. Effectively you've created a monster, and a monster needs to be fed to survive, and there's plenty of us interested out here who want more.

    I can see and understand the predicament your in.

    With the very greatest of respect for you and your monster, take your time with your decision.

    Many thanks for all of your articles you have published on our little corner of mini vehicle weirdness.

    With respect Turbocox.

  10. Hi Jeroen,
    I would very much like the maximum mini to live on like it is. I would pay as a patreon if that's what's needed to get this faboulus database going.
    Best regards
    //Martin / Sweden.