Wednesday, 20 July 2022

ABS to relaunch Alto Boxer kits

Don't think the Mini derivative is dead. After last week's launch of the Mengers Beach Mini (click) it is time for the next relaunch: that of the Alto Boxer. You will know by now that ABS Motorsport boss Tony Bucknall has a great ability of tracking down long-lost Mini based kit cars or their moulds, and he did just that with the moulds for the Boxer a while ago. He wrote: "They were stored in a lockup/garage, which was collapsing and it was at a point it had to be cleared."

Remarkably, an extra front end that came with the set is different to how we know it. Tony: "That front end mould isn’t the Boxer, but yes it's certainly for a Mini, the door and scuttle all look right. And yes there will be enough height clearance where the rocker top is. I don’t recall such a front end ever being on the market though." Same here.

The Alto Boxer never was a great seller but Tony never the less made a set from the complete moulds and will be happy to sell you one if you like. He continued: "I am going to offer the Boxer composites separately and as base kits for people to do their own cabrio conversion if they choose to. The actual body kit will work with out the Mini being cabrio’d however I am not sure how it would look! I have set up a section on the website for Mini based kit car composites, and will add the pieces as I get time (click here). I will also add the Stimson bug and the McCoy parts as I get time...       

Kudos to you Tony!

The Alto Boxer was a Targa conversion with a wild body kit of the 1990s
Picture Jeroen Booij archive

Ultimate conversion? Very few were sold up until 1997 when production was stopped
Picture Jeroen Booij archive

But ABS boss Tony Bucknall found the kit's complete set of moulds recently
Picture Tony Bucknall

This is the mystery mould coming with the lot. Tony and I have never seen it before
Picture Tony Bucknall

A brand new set laminated from the moulds - kits are being offered by ABS now
Picture Tony Bucknall

All the different body parts for the Alto Boxer are there, including the hardtop
Picture Tony Bucknall

The kit exists of a great number of bits. The Boxer used Peugeot 205 rear lights
Picture Tony Bucknall

Rare example of a Alto Boxer Mini with not the full kit fitted to it. 
This one was restored over a long period of time by Scotsman Andy Middleditch
Picture courtesy Andy Middleditch

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