Monday 13 February 2023

Bulanti Mini SS resurfaces

A rare Bulanti Mini SS that hasn't been heard of for a long time resurfaced in the hands of Peter Della Valle last weekend. Peter wrote: "We finally have one of the three cars and most of the moulds home. Now to remove the rat poop and go through it. It looks surprisingly better than we thought it might. We have compiled a fair bit of information now but any more info/stories would be much appreciated."

The rear engined Bulanti Mini was made in a quantity of just three by Brian Rawlings, who ran Bulant Motors in Annangrove, next to Amaroo Race Park in New South Wales, Australia. This particular one is the first one with an aluminium body and it is also the car that was featured in Maximum Mini 1, as photographed by Craig Watson at the time. Peter ads it is fitted with 1000cc engine and he plans a restoration of the car: "I look forward to hearing more about the history of them and keeping a record as a lot of the people that were involved in these type of things are sadly getting old and we are losing knowledge."

I couldn't agree more. A bit more Bulanti history can be found here as a start.

Australian Bulanti Mini SS stood for many years but is now off to a new home
Picture Peter Della Valle

 'KGV 775' is one of just three cars made. The whereabouts of the other two are unknown
Picture Peter Della Valle

 This car was made with an aluminium body, 'production' cars came in fibreglass
Picture Peter Della Valle

 Peter's car was the one seen in Maximum Mini also, but hadn't been heard of since
Picture Jeroen Booij archive

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