Friday 24 February 2023

Ogles in Japan (4)

In this little series we have a look at the Ogle SX1000s which reside in Japan, and this is the next in line. Car chassis number 21 was registered '992 VWL' and last seen in the UK in 1986 when it was offered for sale in Biggleswade 'for restoring'.

It is then believed to have been sold to Japan and now seems to be the only car there of which the current whereabouts are unknown. The few pictures that I have of it are all made in the UK and the colour ones show it in a light yellow colour with four-spoke GKN wheels. But it has been listed as being gunmetal grey before, and according to one of my on-site informants 'A metallic silver or champagne gold Ogle has been seen at a company named ‘Coventry Garage’ in Hyogo in the 1980s'. And since it needed restoring, I think it may well have been this car. However, the garage doesn't seem to exist anymore turning this lead in a dead end..? 

So far all further details are unknown, so if you happen to know more about this one - do get in touch.

'992 VWL' seen at the Chequered Flag garage in London in the 1970s
Picture Jeroen Booij archive

Cosmic wheels, bumpers painted satin-black - very much in seventies fashion
Picture Jeroen Booij archive

And now in colour - as seen at a meeting in the early 1980s
Picture Jeroen Booij archive

Is '992 VWL' the same car that was seen in Hyogo, Japan later in the 1980s?
Picture Wikipedia

The last trace of the car in the UK is this advert from 1986. 'For restoring'...
Picture Jeroen Booij archive via Kees Plugboer

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