Monday, 15 May 2023

Taking the Ogle to EMWalhalla

Last year I took the Ogle to a meeting called 'EMWalhalla' in Raamsdonksveer (click!), but it was on a trailer at the time, with the car just about in its 'as found' condition, pretty rough with not even a wiring loom in it. Now that the engine has been made running again, the suspension is mostly sorted, the correct rear lights are in and work, too, and it is even road-registered correctly I thought it would be fun to take it out to the same meeting last weekend. This time under its own power. 

It was an excellent test drive, two hours up and two hours down. I'd mapped out the route and took just a few small stretches of motorway, with most of the driving carried out on b-roads. I now know that I really need a new radiator (too much leakage) as well as a new steering rack (too much play) but these didn't stop the fun as it was a lovely sunny day and a beautiful drive. The show itself was good fun, too, with many cars attending and meeting up with some old friends. The pictures below were taken by Paul Spek and do certainly make the car look good (way better than it is)!

Oh - and that's not all: there is news coming up on the restoration of the Le Mans Mini Marcos, yes, really! Stay tuned.

The Ogle behaved very well on the drive to and from the 'EMWalhalla event' last weekend
Picture Paul Spek

It joined hundreds of cars and despite its size attracted lots of attention 
Picture Paul Spek

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