Monday 28 August 2023

Nick's Unipower GT - found in a barn

I lost track of Nick Gerolomou who I saw last in 2016 to celebrate the Unipower GT's 50th anniversary (click here). Nick bought his Unipower in the early 1970s from dealer Monty & Ward, drove it for a few years only to put it in storage back in 1977 (click here for more). He planned a restoration but I don't know how far he ever got to it, and the last thing I heard is that he was in hospital with some serious ailments. I've tried to get in touch but to no avail and can only hope he is okay.

What happened to his car? I had no idea either but was much surprised to be sent a picture from it last weekend. It turned out to have been taken by a fellow-Dutchman who bumped into the car in the UK by pure chance. I got in touch and he was kind enough to go back and take some more pictures. This left me in no doubt that it is indeed Nick's GT, a very late car, and it certainly seems that the restoration has been started. I've tried to obtain more information from the owners of the barn, but haven't heard from them yet. Do get in touch when you are the new owner as I'd love to hear from you.

The Unipower GT of Nick Gerolomou was found in a barn in Kent last weekend
Picture courtesy Gerrit-Jan Kreeftenberg

 This is a very late car, first registered in 1969 or 1970 in Scotland
Picture courtesy Gerrit-Jan Kreeftenberg

 Nick bought the car from dealer Monty & Ward in the early 1970s and stored it in '77
Picture courtesy Gerrit-Jan Kreeftenberg

 "Monty told me that mine was the last car made, being pushed out of one end whilst the recievers came in the other end. Its a nice story if nothing else."
Picture courtesy Gerrit-Jan Kreeftenberg

 The car's dashboard, full of gauges and switches, makes it easy to identify the car 
Picture courtesy Gerrit-Jan Kreeftenberg

The car came with a 1275 engine, which looks to have been restored already 
Picture courtesy Gerrit-Jan Kreeftenberg

 Nick Gerolomou with the car in his own barn, when I visited him in Kent in 2014
Picture Jeroen Booij

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