Tuesday 29 August 2023

MG Mini Sedanca on a road trip

Whilst the one-off MG Mini Sedanca came back from Denver, Colorado to Bristol in the UK in 2019 (click here), it is now touring the country or so it seems. The car was seen recently at the Lakeland Motor Museum in Cumbria, which jumped to the opportunity to shoot the pictures added below. The museum added: "This is a unique type of Mini called a 'Sedanca'. Only one was made, and the info sheet points to it being built in 1973. It is still on the road, and the owner popped into the museum on a current road trip! gullwing doors were initially planned for this model, but a side screen door was eventually used."

Thank you Lizzi for for letting me know!

Built by former Stewart & Ardern employee Niall Gilmartin in 1973: the MG Mini Sedanca
Picture Lakeland Motor Museum

'870 CJW' comes with Triumph 2000 headlights and Austin 1100 indicators - amongst others
Picture Lakeland Motor Museum

Rear side windows turned upside down, fully closed boot lid, recessed tank cap
Picture Lakeland Motor Museum

Gilmartin planned to make gullwing doors, but that proved to be one step too far
Picture Lakeland Motor Museum

This is a well-traveled car if we have to believe the stickers and decals at the back
Picture Lakeland Motor Museum

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  1. Currently being restored by Lyon’s garage in Ireland