Friday 1 December 2023

An announcement from MAXIMUM MINI

MAXIMUM MINI is going to change.

The Maximum Mini blog was started in 2010. Some 1,600 articles have been published since. It has always been free to read to anyone, and all the stories of the past 13+ years will remain online to enjoy.

However, new articles won’t be free anymore. From now on Maximum Mini will continue in the shape of a paid newsletter. There are some very exiting stories on their way right now in the first issue: an update on the Le Mans Mini Marcos project, newly discovered photographs of a mystery Mini derivative and yet another re-discovered Ogle. Two new series about 1960s racers are in the making also. 

You can subscribe and will then receive the newsletter approximately 50 times a year. 
The price will be 5 euros per month, or 60 Euros per year. 
Just reply to me if you want to be part of it and I will send a payment request and put you on the list. 

I hope to be in touch soon, 
Jeroen Booij

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