Thursday 21 December 2023

Happy Christmas 2023

The year is almost over with the last days of 2023 being spent in festivities by many. It's been a good year for Maximum Mini. The Le Mans Mini Marcos project is finally seeing progress after a long standstill, while the Ogle SX1000 gave me lots of joy during the season. 

Apart from that Maximum Mini itself has seen a drastic change, too: it is now a paid newsletter for subscribers who pay 5 Euros per month or 60 Euros a year to receive all the words and pictures that were previously free to anyone. Do join if you want to know all about Mini derivatives lost and found as I will continue my work as always.

Thank you for your support and please do bring out your vote for the 'Best Find of 2023' here. Happy Christmas!

A Broadspeed GTS in winter wonderland
Original photograph Paul Stephens, picture editing Jeroen Booij

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