Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Local Mk1 Mini Marcos

It's been over a year that fellow Dutchman Gert-Jan Westerveld tipped me about a Mk1 Mini Marcos with a nice slice of racing heritage - see here. And since being a big fan of the earliest and original of Mini Marcoses I always wanted to have a look. By now I have moved house and live in fact not too far from where the thing is located. And so, when I was on my way earlier this week I decided to pay it a visit. And there it was, in a corner of a show room in between modern Euroboxes, looking splendid in all its tinyness. Although it's on display in a showroom the owner is not looking for a buyer, although he may be tempted by a really good offer, or so he told me. One thing is for sure: it's the best Mk1 I have ever seen.

Despite widened arches, all the typical Mk1 features are still there 

Original narrow number plate recess. Bulge neccessary to locate big Webers

Chassis plate is still where it should be, showing its early number 6129 

Interior, too, is just as it should be for a Mini Marcos Mk1. Very period

Apart from chunky 45 carburettors there is an Arden crossflow head, too

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