Monday, 9 July 2012

Another Biota in The Low Countries

I told you before there may have been more Biotas in The Low Countries! number five has now surfaced in The Netherlands (although it appears to be Belgian registered); a black Mk1 with Biota's rare Clam Seats in red and 850 power from a 1965 Mini. It's for sale, too - see the ad here. The price indication of 17,500 euros (around 14,000 pounds) seems slightly over the top, to put things mildly but at least prospective buyers are offered the chance to trade in other vehicles. Oh, and the heading is funny too, stating: 'Unique, only 30 cars built' - ehm, now what did 'unique' mean again? But anyway, it's another nice survivor!

To sum up the known cars in Holland and Belgium now:

FA-91-80 - Mk1 - orange - 1966 Mini registration, said to be Cooper 'S'
48-72-RR - Mk1 - yellow - 1975 registration (1275cc)
TMO-513 - Mk1 - black - 1965 Mini registration (850cc)
06-38-XD - Mk1/Mk2 hybrid - orange - 1973 registration (1000cc)
Unregistered - Mk2 - red - 1965 Mini Cooper base (998cc)

Registration says green, but this looks like black to me. Nice 10" Momo wheels
Picture courtesy
Biota's rare Clam Seats are fitted into this tidy looking looking Biota Mk1
Picture courtesy


  1. Bart Vanreusel / racing green9 July 2012 at 16:16

    Those are not mamba's Jeroen, but momo's / Fondmetals: (scroll down an awfull lot)

  2. This looks like a Mk1.

    The front grill face is flat straight across rather than curving back at the ends.

    Also the seats do not appear to have the clam seat sides - rather they are the floppy Mk1 types on a curved metal sheet.

    One question, where is the fuel tank filler?

  3. Blimey, I'm getting old. Now that I look closer I believe you are right. I was fooled by the large air scoop on the bonnet.

  4. Hi there. Off work today and bored so did a search on Biota and stumbled here. I have one of these Biota cars. Has been untouched but well covered with sheets in the family garage for over 35 years! Mint condition on outside and inside but obviously never been out the garage so will require work (and cost) to get it back on the road. Has a mini cooper engine and is blue but not sure what MK it is. Will send some photos through for anyone interested - did not know they were so rare!

    1. Thank you for coming in! It would be wonderful to see your car. Pictures please to