Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Season in swing

The 2012 season is in full swing and every now and then a photo lands on my desk. Here are a few of them taken over the last few weeks. Enjoy, and keep them coming!

Brands Hatch hoisted lots of Minis in June. This is an original MiniSprint
Picture: Roald Rakers
And another! This Stewart & Ardern Sprint is a well known car among fans
Picture: Roald Rakers

A Mini Marcos races at Le Mans Classic last weekend. Never mind that snake!
Picture courtesy Sports Car Digest

Which way? Ferrari skids as Remy Julienne sneaks his Mk1 Mini Marcos through
Picture: unknown

Meanwhile in Paris, an exhibition of Quasar Khahn's work shows a Quasar Unipower
Picture courtesy Neo Tony Lee

This Ogle SX1000 was spotted at the 2012 Bromley Pageant of Motoring
Picture: unknown

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