Friday, 6 July 2012

Last of the Triads discovered... unbuilt

Damien Lescroart and Emilien Pillot, France based fans of anything Mini based, have a special place in their hearts for the three-wheeled Mosquito and Triad (excellent website about the subject can be found here). According to them a grand (?) total of 20 of these cars (11 Triads and 9 Mosquitos) were built from 1971-on. And with their continuous research to these quirky vehicles they managed to track most of these down. Most, that is, for as a matter of fact one of them remained shrouded in mystery. It was a Triad of which Damien and Emilien knew nothing more then its colour (green) from one hazy image. So when they were contacted earlier this week about this missing creature, I'm sure it made their day. It now appears the mystery Triad was never built and comes in the shape of an unfinished chassis and body kit to this very day. The current owner has in fact decided to sell the kit, so if you have always wanted to build yourself one very rare Mini based three-wheeler grab the opportunity here and pick it up in Evesham. Apart from an engine it is complete with all the bits and pieces you will need, even the carpets are there.

Robert Moss designed Triad chassis is complete and rolling but misses an engine
Picture courtesy

Body comes in green gellcoat and was never attached to the chassis it belongs to
Picture courtesy

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