Friday, 18 September 2015

Unipowers for sale

I get often asked if I know of a certain Mini based car for sale. Mind you: I'm no dealer and am not too much interested in the buying and selling side of cars. But now all of a sudden no less than three Unipower GT owners asked me to see if I know somebody to buy their cars. The first two asked me to do so in private, so I can't say much about them here unless you are really interested and prepared to pay top prices for top cars (which they both are - drop me a line if you are) - sorry!

But the third of them can be shared here freely. That car, chassis number 36713, is a Mk1 and is one of a few cars delivered to Spain (see one here, one here, another here and yet another here) and prepared as a race car from the start. This one actually was the car entered in the 6-hour race of Barcelona and later owned by Spanish MP Miguel Arias Cañete. It's been modified and, for example, now misses the signature gear lever placed into the door sill. But it seems to be a fantastic car to me overall. What's more: it comes with full FIA papers and is ready to race. See the ad here. Oh - and do bring it over to Blyton Park next year when you buy it!

Flares, fat tyres and FIA papers: this Unipower GT road legal racer is for sale
Picture courtesy Patrick Kaufmann

The same car during the Barcelona 6 Hours of 1968. It's always had the same registration
Picture Jeroen Booij archive

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