Friday 10 December 2021

Enzo Ferrari's Mini - another picture

It's only recently that I noticed that there are more than two versions of the well-known pictures of Alec Issigonis and Enzo Ferrari with a Mini at a Shell petrol station when a third was sent over. The three pictures are clearly from the same photo shoot with just the angle of the camera being different. 

Ferrari's Mini Cooper was a bit of a coachbuilt Special with modifications in the interior and the body, with a different front light arrangement. I wrote about these before and believe they must have been the work of Pininfarina (read more about that here). Ferrari is believed to have owned more than one Mini but just survivor is known to exist today. More about that here.

Well-known picture of Alec Issigonis and Enzo Ferrari with the latter's Mini Cooper
Picture BMW Media

Perhaps not quite so well-known picture of the two men from a different angle
Picture source unknown

And a third - new one to me. Issigonis hangs on to his tie whatever the angle
Picture via David Haller

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