Monday, 3 March 2014

Siva Buggies to unite… on the beach

One of the advantages of the world wide web is that it makes it a lot easier to track down owners and their cars. Damien Lescroart came up with the idea to form a register for the Siva Buggy, also known as Siva Moonbug and/or Skyspeed Buggy. He created a group on Facebook and within weeks found owners throughout Europe. And you guessed it: the next plan is to meet up. Where? Well, the buggy boys do not yet know, but there has to be a beach for sure!

Mike Raw's Siva in Scarborough, North Yorks. It's Cooper 'S' powered
Picture courtesy Mike Raw
The Siva Register's first member was Matt Butler. That's his car on a sunny day
Picture courtesy Matt Butler
Scottish member Norrie Wilson pictured his' with the Isle of Skye in the background
Picture courtesy Norrie Wilson

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