Monday, 24 March 2014

'The Banana Split' in period - and colour

Josh Willis, who repatriated the Maya GT from a Sussex field last year (click here), hasn't started restoration on the car, but never the less intends to trailer it over to Blyton Park on May 4. A great chance to see one of those rare cars in the flesh. I've also asked another Camber GT owner but since he hasn't come back to me I'm unsure whether he will make it. Le me know if you do Bryan!

Meanwhile, I received a nice message about another surviving car, at one time known as 'The Banana Split' thanks to its colour scheme. It was described here earlier (click here) and a message from the original owner Derek followed soon (here). Now, a chap named Jim dropped me a line, writing: "Looking at this Blog about Mini derivatives (I'm interested in anything Mini, I have a 1960 Morris myself), reminded me about Derek's Camber. I used to work with him way back and remember this car and even found this picture of it." Thanks for sharing that Jim!

Derek's car was known as the 'Banana Split'. It is still with us, although buried deep in a garage
Picture courtesy Jim

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