Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Maximum Mini 2 is here!

The original Maximum Mini (still available from me, too) and the brand new volume 2
Picture Jeroen Booij

I won't bore you with the troubles to get hold of some of the pictures and many of the people to interview in the past 5 years, the lay-out difficulties, the many file-adjustments needed, unexpected bills from printers, hick-ups at the port customs, more unexpected bills, transport logistics and storage problems - Maximum Mini 2 is here!

And you can simply buy it direct from me by going here (click).

You will also find a few sample pages there. In total the book counts 128 pages and is similar in shape and size to the original Maximum Mini book. It comes with over 500 pictures that have not been seen in print before, while much of the information was cobbled together by interviewing the designers and builders first hand. Oh - none of the cars in this new book has been featured in the first volume.

The full list of cars that have made it to a chapter:

ABC Tricar • ABS Freestyle • AEM Scout • AF Spider & Grand Prix • Alto Duo • Andersen Cub • ASD Hobo • ASD Minim • Aurora BMC • Autocom Mini Buggy • Beach Car / Riviera Buggy • Brookwell Trifid • Camarotta • Codford Mini • Crayford Mini Sprint • Elswick Envoy • Fisher Spyder • Foers Nomad • Gecko • GP Yak • Greenwood Mini ‘sidecar’ • GTM Rossa • Hrubon Phaeton / Schmitt • Hustler 4 • Hustler 6 • IGM Minbug • Jackson Sportster • Jiffy • Jimini & Jimini 2 • Lawther GT • Libra Magnum • Magenta • Martini Mini ASC • Metron • Mini Beaver • Mini Mare • Minissima • Minus Maxi • Mosquito / Triad • New Era Mini • NJC Mini • Phoenix • Quasar-Unipower City car • Radford Mini De Ville • Ranger Cub • Roles XS-3 Road-star • RTV • Saga • Scamp Mk1 • Scamp Mk2 / Mk3 • Sekura Mini • Siva Mule • Status Sabot • Stewart & Ardern MiniSprint • Stimson Scorcher • Stimson Trek • TXC Tracer • Whitby Mini-Warrior • Wildgoose • Wood & Pickett Mini Margrave

If you want your book signed or if you like me to dedicate it to a loved one, just let me know and I will be happy to scribble something in your copy.

It's not very often that I get into a car myself! Here in the utterly exciting Fisher Spyder
Picture Peter Speakman

And more 'Making of Maximum Mini 2'. This is the ABC Tricar that took me so long to find
Picture Roy Kirkham


  1. My order is now placed, can't wait. Well done Jeroen. Nigel Lamb.

  2. Its underway to Scotland Nigel!

  3. i would have had a photo in them all Jeroen

    1. Some of them you wouldn't even have dared to touch with a barge pole mate!

  4. Placed my order right now...if your 2nd book is nearly as good as your 1st, it will be splendid book to have. I'd like a signed copy, if possible!

    Francesco from Italy ;)