Monday, 20 June 2016

Salt & Pepper Mini Moke identified

Another photograph of the modified Mini Moke that was used for the 1967 movie 'Salt & Pepper' - featuring Sammy Davis Junior and Peter Lawford - has emerged. See for an earlier article on it here. The question was then: could it still exist. I've now come just a little closer to answering that as the 'SALT 1' registration number, as seen throughout the movie, misses on this shot, revealing the car's actual number. 'KOA 750E' is issued to an Austin 850, white in colour. Strangely the car's year of manufacture is quoted as 1967, while the first registration supposedly dates back to 1 July 1981. Erm? Also: the last MOT expired on July 2010, which makes it hopeful that the strange vehicle did not end up on the bottom of the river Thames after all, but may actually still exist.

The plate it is known with: SALT 1. But Salt & Pepper Mini Moke had another one, too…
Picture Jeroen Booij archive

...As seen here. KOA 750E is issued to a 1967 Austin but DVLA says it was first registered in 1981
Picture courtesy Andrew Mann

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