Tuesday, 19 February 2019

Derivatives at London show plus Cilla Black's Mini Margrave

A fine selection of Mini derivatives made it to the London Classic Car show, held last weekend in Excel, London. A well-known Broadspeed GT, SHADO Jeep and Unipower GT were seen in action on the indoor parade laps, while another coachbuilt Mini owned by a British celebrity came to the auction block. This was the 1977 Wood & Pickett Mini Margrave owned by singer Cilla Black from new. This car received a mild W&P treatment back in the day, with no deseaming of the body and keeping its standard 1000 engine, but does come with a full interior in black leather with walnut dashboard, fitting in with the piano-black exterior. The car was estimated to sell for between £30- and £40,000 but I don't think it sold. Let me know if you attended the sale or just happen to know more.

Broadspeed GT demonstrator has now been sold and was seen on the London Classic Car show
Picture Mini & British Lifestyle

SHADO Jeep is used on the road regularly now, and was driven over to the show also
Picture Colin Baines

 Unipower GT is local to London but a regular at events throughout the country
Picture Mini & British Lifestyle

Cilla Black's Wood & Pickett Mini Margrave is - very fitting - all black and was for sale
Picture Coys of Kensington

Interior in full black leather looks good, note it's an automatic. Question is: did it sell? 
Picture Coys of Kensington

Engine is a no-frills 998cc and looks to both as new as bog standard
Picture Coys of Kensington

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