Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Not so local Mk1 Mini Marcos

It seems that yesterday's Mk1 Mini Marcos was much appreciated by many of you, so why not show you another? This particular one was photographed by my friend, the artist Rens Biesma (who once made this!). Rens took these pictures when he lived at Malta in the 1980s. According to him the bright orange Mini derivative could be seen in several racing events on the island and was used hard, too! Although perhaps not so pretty as yesterday's car, once again this clearly is a very early Mini Marcos with all the correct features still in place. It's unclear what happened to it, but I wouldn't be surprised if it was still on the island. Do let me know if you like these early Mini Marcoses as I have quite a few more images in the files.

Maltese Marcos sits very low and comes with very wide front track
Picture courtesy Rens Biesma

The body may look somewhat tired - under its bonnet it's all shiny!
Picture courtesy Rens Biesma

Datsun 240Z rear lights [update: they are Alfa-Romeo lights!] are not exactly gracious on tiny GT
Picture courtesy Rens Biesma

Car's interior is pretty much straightforwards, but then this is a racer
Picture courtesy Rens Biesma


  1. This Marcos wears the Carello taillights of the 2nd series Alfa Romeo 1750 Berlina. Since DeTomaso used them on their Pantera and Longchamp, and Maserati on the Ghibli,Merak and Bora; you can't blame the Marcos' owner thinking they might light the way to supercardom..