Thursday, 19 July 2012

Andersen Cub returns

Cool news from Liverpool: the Andersen Cub is available again from its original builder Charles Andersen, the man who came up with it back in 1984. Yep, that's almost 30 years now.

According to Andersen the car can now be bought as a complete ready to drive car or in kit form for home assembly using all new parts and engine-gearbox unit supplied rebuilt to 'as new
condition' by Andersen Motor Company. The new Cub is fully IVA compliant and as such, if built by AMC, can be supplied with an 2012 registration number. Body shells come with roll bars and crash bars front and rear plus altered suspension arms at the rear, steering column, hand brake lever and pedal assembly bracket in order to comply with the rules. When supplied as a complete vehicle it comes with six months UK road tax. Prices depend on final specification but are based on three steps:

1: Body kit for use with donor Mini. Price ex works from £ 3,980
2: Partly knocked down unit with all parts supplied. Price ex works from £ 8,975
3. Complete two-seat drive away vehicle. Price ex works from £ 11,695

Charles writes: "It is promised that you will never tire of the smiles, waves and toots. Life is too short to drive a boring car, that's why we build the Cub" He's got a point there! Call him for more information on: 07903 573050 or e-mail: A new website will be launched soon:

Beach bunnies and two cuddly little Cubs. The Cub was hot in the '80s, so why not now?
Picture courtesy Wayne Morris
Kits remain available. Roll bar and crash bars make the Cub comply with IVA rules, even today
Picture courtesy Wayne Morris


  1. Hi Jeoren, what is the difference beetwen Andersen Cub and Schmitt Hrubon ?