Friday, 28 March 2014

SHADO Jeep found in a scrap yard

Well, well… We have a good contender for Find of the Year 2014! Thanks to several readers who made me aware of some pictures that appeared yesterday. These pictures were taken on a scrap yard on the Canary Islands where, in between abandoned old boats and cars, one remarkable vehicle surfaced. Photographer ElStellino wrote: "What the … was this? An amphibious 6-wheeler?"

It isn't. But it's something strange indeed: it's a 'SHADO Jeep' used for the British 1970s television series U.F.O. As a matter of fact it was originally built by Space Models of Feltham for the 1969 Sci-Fi flick 'Doppelgänger' (more information here) but became more famous through its later tv appearances. These cars were based on Mini Mokes with an extra rear subframe and although it's unknown to me how many of them were built, there must have been at least two. One survives in Italy with a U.F.O. fan, while another was used as an advertisement sign for a garage in the UK for many years. Or could that be one and the same car? (more info here). Fact is that this is another. How it ever reached the Canaries is unknown, as it remains a mystery who owns the yard and its content. I am sure however, it won't be long before somebody will find out!

A holy grail for cult Science Fiction fans? A SHADO Jeep in a Canary scrap yard
Picture courtesy ElStellino

Apart from wheels, the SHADO Jeep looks to be complete, even the side panels are there
Picture courtesy ElStellino

The original design sketch by Derek Meddings, who was responsible for 'FAB1', too
Picture courtesy Derek Meddings

And a photograph taken on the set while filming an on-board scene in one of the cars
Jeroen Booij archive



  2. It has apparently been saved now. Well done to this blogspot for highlighting its plight!

  3. It might have been one used in 'Doppelganger', and not brought back to the UK. That movie was partially made in Portugal, so it's not beyond the bounds of reason that this is what happened. If that is the case, then strictly speaking, it's a EUROSEC jeep, instead of a SHADO one. I read somewhere, that they were pleasant to drive, and went like stink. This would be a great project for one of those car restoration shows that are so popular at present. It's great to see it. I hope, also, that Ed Straker and Paul Foster's beautiful cars have been rescued from the scrapheaps they were seen on fairly recently, and are being restored for everyone to enjoy.

  4. Strakers car is in wednesfield Wolverhampton at moment rusting away in somebodys back garden ... !!