Thursday, 26 May 2011

Mystery Mini derivative (11)

I have had some comments on the fact that some the cars featured on my blog are Mini Moke derivatives rather then Mini derivatives. I know, but just like these cars too, so decided to include them here. As a matter of fact there are some cars that are 1100 based that I find interesting too but was unsure whether to include them or not in book or blog. Paul Wylde replied to that question with an example: the Navajo kit car that was made in the early 1980s in a workshop on the grounds of Goodwood. Paul wrote: "Definitely a rare beast so that's a yes from me. Cars like these have to be put down on paper so they will not be fogot." Tim Neal added: "Yes, include them. They tick all the boxes: Designer, A-series, Longbridge etc... unlike others!"

Anyway: I had some Mystery Mini (or well, 1100) derivatives to start with, so there we go. This one comes from Graeme Farr (the Kiwi with a soft spot for De Joux's, see here) and appears to be 1100 based. Graeme wrote: "This unknown Morris 1100 based car used to live in Wellington – I am fairly sure it was taken to the tip by the local council shorty after the photo was taken – probably in the 1990s. Shame". Question is: who knows more about it?

UPDATE 9 December 2019: The car survives at a wrecker's yard in Horopito and is named Eclipse. See here.

Spotted in Wellington by avid reader of this blog. What is this nice car?


  1. Hi Jeroen, please don't think my comment on the Shado being Moke based was meant as a criticism. I love Mokes and didn't want people to miss out on an interesting Moke derivative. You're doing a great job!


  2. No worries Tim, you were absolutely right. Thanks for your comment anyway, keep them coming!