Tuesday, 31 May 2011

What is the story behind this MiniSprint?

Quite a few people have asked me whether the car you see on the pictures below is a real MiniSprint. In fact I do not know, although it looks to be a Stewart & Ardern Sprint. It is currently for sale for a hefty sum in central France and will need a complete restauration. According to the seller it is based on a 1963 Mini Cooper and is an original UK right hand drive with special dashboard and doors that have been modified with wind-up windows. The rear lights and wheel arches seem to be modified too. Click here for the ad. It comes with a French log book but without the delicate glass.

France based MiniSprint project car is for sale at a whopping 11,000 pounds

It could well be a S&A MiniSprint with the typical deseamed shell and rectangular headlights 

Steve Burkinshaw's car surely is a S&A Sprint. Note roof gutter that finishes at the b-pillar here
Picture: MiniWorld magazine

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