Friday, 12 July 2013

Car meets creator (2)

Restoration of the one and only Australian-built Broadspeed GTS is getting on well. After it had been stripped (story here) it is now painted and ready for rebuilding. Meanwhile, owner Jono Morris had a visit of the man who originally built it - Brian Foley - plus that other legendary Aussie Mini coupe builder Bill Buckle earlier this week. Jono wrote: "Hi Jeroen, I was very lucky to have both Bill Buckle and Brian Foley drop in yesterday to see the Broadspeed. We went out for lunch after and I was able to listen to some great stories about the old days and their cars. It was a very memorable day!" Isn't it great when old cars and their creators are reunited after all those years? Oh, and by the way, there is a lot more Broadspeed GT news on its way, so keep an eye on these pages if you like these cars...

The Broadspeed GTS with (left to right) Brian Foley, Jono Morris and Bill Buckle
Picture courtesy Jono Morris

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