Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Going Gulf

Looking for a flashy colour scheme for your Mini derivative? Think twice when you are going the Gulf way as you won't be on your own. I counted no less than 9 Mini Marcosses in Gulf livery on the Mini Marcos Owners Club website. And then there are several more, too. Below you'll find some more.

German GTM Coupe comes with Cortina lights and lots of stickers

Calmer example from the UK. The Gulf colours do suit the GTM good though

This Mini Jem Mk2 from France is well-known (and for sale, too - click here)

One of many Mini Marcosses in Gulf livery, this is a Mk3 from Germany

This is a home built and very low MiniSprint. I like it despite te arches

And a Hawk Sprint with the signature striping. Orange details perhaps too much?

I saw this Unipower GT in Japan, the car's shapes come closest to the GT40

This is a German built Westwood - another Mini Moke clone (more info here)

I think the Germans like the Gulf style: German Midas that's also for sale (click

And one more Midas, now from the UK. Note the different Gulf pattern

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  1. the guy who did the home build name is Clive have know him for years .Think he would have gone lower with it if it was not for his dog a big German Shep that goes every where with him ....Clive as done a real good job of this